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Independent scientific information for improved health and productivity

Providing dietary information is a smart and logic investment

"Diet is the biggest and most modifiable factor to increase health, energy and productivity in our western society"

Healthy environment

Diet attributes to a healthy workplace and acts as a catalyst for change and growth. 


Lower disease risk​

A healthy diet lowers morbidity, therefore decreasing absence by sicknesss. 

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Higher productivity

The right nutrients will restore homeostasis for optimal energy levels and raise mental and physic capacity.

"Let your employees discover the best version of themselves"

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We offer programs that bring out employees' true potential

  • Unbiased and independent information
  • Based on latest scientific research 
  • Adapted to your company 
  • Fully customizable
  • Lectured by licensed coaches 
  • Advanced follow up possible

Let the research speak

"The overall business value of well-being is just now emerging"

Scand J Work Environ Health

"Unhealthy lifestyle may increase the costs of short-term sickness absence to the employer by 10–30%. Consequently, programs addressing lifestyle may deliver significant savings."

Med Care

"Clinically significant weight loss among overweight or obese employees prevents short-term deterioration in HRQOL and there is  evidence that employee productivity is increased."

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