“It’s a paradox”

Today we know more than ever before how the human body works, stays healthy or becomes sick. Yet, never in recent history the prevalence of chronic sickness and disability was so high. There are multiple reasons for this trend.

  • We truly underestimate the effect of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Few people optimize basic needs such as diet, sleep and exercise.
  • Most of us aiming for good health get trapped into some ‘quick fix’ method which leads to short time relief but never to long term health.
  • People often have the idea that eating healthy is a huge deal and will lead to decreased enjoyment.
  • Our healthcare system is centered around disease not around optimal health.
  • People are poorly educated and are therefore susceptible to be victims of poor practices. Just to give an extreme example; 7 % of the Adult American population believes that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. Similarly, 30 % does not know that cheese is made of milk.

Nowadays, its easier than ever to find information on almost every subject. However, the chances to become misinformed and lose sight of truthful information are high. Our aim is to raise awareness and to provide a framework for informed decision making. It's never a goal to judge any behavioural patterns. Everyone makes decisions in alignment with their true purpose and we respect every single choice. However, to make informed decisions we believe that true open-mindedness is essential and therefore encourage this character trait. The core strength of our company is to give unbiased and valid information. We are able to do this because we have no conflicts of interest with any food or health related company or product whatsoever. We consign our information via coaches who are well educated in the field of physiology and nutrition.  

What's in for your company? Scientist have discovered strong evidence of short-term and long-term indirect costs of overweight and obesity in the absence of effective customised prevention programmes. With our coaching, we can reduce these costs and get your employees more productive and satisfied!

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